About Richmond About Richmond

Imagine being in a place so diverse, so vast you feel an indescribable sense of freedom.  From the plains of the downs country to the silvery shimmer of the sun shining through gidgee trees in the forest country, Richmond is often referred to as an Oasis in the Outback.

Situated on the Overlander's Way halfway between Townsville and Mt Isa, the town is located on the bank of Queenslands longest river, the Flinders, and is known for its marine fossils, recreational Lake Fred Tritton and bougainvillea-lined streets, park and gardens.

Richmond offers country living at its best in a relaxed and hassle free environment.  Wide open spaces and room for the kids to roam free.  Ditch the queues, traffic jams and pollution for a two minute trip to work and clean country air.  We might be far from the maddening crowd but we are within easy reach to your next holiday on the east coast or out west to Mount Isa and the Northern Territory.

Richmond's written history began as William Landsborough searched for Burke and Wills in the heat of summer, February 1862.  He wrote of "fine pastoral country" and correct as he was, it was actually the gold rush of the 1880's which secured Richmonds existence. 

The discovery of gold 113km north of Richmond made it an important point for the Cobb and Co Coaches.  Though the importance of gold in Richmond history is undeniable, agriculture in the Richmond Shire has proved to be the towns lifeblood and continues to change and adapt as it has for the past 80 years.